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Aldito Air is re-opening soon!

We Are Open!

We’re happy to report that we have minimal damage from Hurricane Ian and are open for business.

PS, you can help our community by donating to the Hurricane Relief Fund at

If you are considering a permanent move to Punta Gorda or its surrounding towns, let us share some of our experience with you.

Listed below are useful links that will educate you about our area; giving you a head start on what to expect and having the contacts in place for when you are “settling in.”

Please use our Contact Us if you have any questions.


Florida Homestead Exemption

Florida Power and Light

City of Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce

Charlotte County Government

Charlotte County Tax Collector

Charlotte County Property Appraiser

Charlotte County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

The Punta Gorda Police

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department

Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections

Charlotte County Schools Overview

Florida Department of Education

Charlotte County Libraries

Parks and Recreation

Punta Gorda Airport

Ft. Myers Southwest International Airport